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Through The Storm - Audio Trailer

A Story ...
... with a conscience

Welcome to GentleCloud Online, featuring a touching love story, written right after a major catastrophe hit Asia in 2004. It serves as a reminder to count our blessings and treasure our loved ones.
Extracts from the book are found in the next three pages together with some poems penned during reflective moments in between writing.
For more long suffering heroes and heroines, breathed to life by my fave authors, take a peek at the "Romance/Suspense" page. If you know of more such treasures, do give me the details so I can dream about them too - oh, and also add a review.
I've just finished reading "Flowers in the Storm" by Laura Kinsale. She is ... awesome!

The story ...

An attack out at sea by hired killers swept Eric, a well-known entertainer, to the shores of Phuket right after a heavy storm. Severely wounded, he was rescued by Viki, the only daughter of a poor fisherman. Before help could reach him in time, a catastrophe killed Viki's parents together with hundreds of others.


Thrown together by a cruel twist of fate, the young couple weathered a myriad of personal and emotional storms and in so doing, fell in love. All the while, danger lurked close behind, growing bolder and more desperate, threatening to destroy everything in its path ...




* Credits for Audio trailer:
Producer and Sound Engineer : Kenn Tay, Music : Kevin MacLeod and The Crystal Plumage
Voice Talents:
Narrator : Quill Potter, Viki : Gillian Tan, Eric/Dominic : Chris Clark